Beyond Acidification

Water quality is one of the most important elements in modern poultry production but often one of the most overlooked. Because water quality can effect everything from protein digestion to litter quality to food safety, proper water management is vital to getting the most out of your flocks.

Cyn3rgy is a proprietary blend of organic acids and soluble prebiotic fibers meant to provide acidification from the water line to the bird. Organic acids reduce the pH of the drinking water and improve the efficacy of chlorine, while soluble fibers stimulate growth of beneficial bacteria in the lower GIT and production of volatile short-chain fatty acids. Cyn3rgy is specially formulated to reduce corrosion often associated with the use of drinking water acidifiers.

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Cyn3rgy is a proprietary blend of organic acids and prebiotic fibers intended for use as a water acidifier for poultry.

Feeding Recommendations

Dilute stock solution for the intended use and meter through the water line at 1:128 dilution. Usage will depend on local conditions. Consult your FusionFeed Service Rep for assistance in designing your water acidification program.

  • Feed changes: Prepare stock solution by add 1 part Cyn3rgy to 9 parts water.
  • Preharvest:Prepare stock solution by add 1 part Cyn3rgy to 4 parts water.

Product Characteristics

Appearance: Dark brown liquid
Smell: Oaky smell
Packaging: 5 gal carboy
Shelf life: 2 year
Storage: Store in original packaging in dry location out of direct sunlight.

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